Robert Smith

They asked me to write a Bio at 70+ I would rather you ask one of my 1000s of students from 100+countries around the globe.

I received an email recently which read … I don’t suppose you will remember me as it was 8 years ago I trained and had some coaching with you. Its only now that I realise how that short time with you changed my life in so many ways for the better and for ever, I took charge of my life and……….

My students are my testimony.

I believe passionately that you can find your purpose and achieve the future you want.

  • to check out whether what you are doing is taking you towards or away from your goal
  • sometimes you need to do things that you don’t particularly want to do to achieve your overall purpose
  • to have the best support, training and coaching

Times have been tough and an easy way to cut back is training. But the tough survives. That’s why I am committed to finding new and innovative ways of spreading learning because it is only through education can we make a better world.

[email protected]

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Mike Öner

An Entrepreneur - creating and developing new and existing businesses, taking them forwards to achieve success.

Has experience in working and partnering organisations.

Mike has the passion, commitment and drive to focus on what the client asks for and skilfully lead them to what else they need to make that happen. In other words he gives them a vision to their "blind spot", the barrier that has been holding them back and losing them money.

Mike will listen, take away and analyse, work tirelessly, then bring it to the table in a clear and honest manner. He will unravel, de tangle and get straight to the heart of the matter to assist you with not only choosing the right program but also with the marketing, making sure you enjoy the success you deserve.

Then it's up to you.

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Liz Bailey

An International trainer, presenter and personal coach

Liz has years of experience and the pleasure of working with a diverse group of people from all over the World. Believing that we can all do and be so much more than we once believed possible. Just the fact that, because we are, each and every one of us, unique, means that we can do something better than any one else on the planet ! Exciting thought and I wonder if you know what that is ??!!

Her role in Treacle Academy UK is mainly organising Robert !! :-))

She is always happy to communicate via email or WhatsApp with relevant issues.

Liz's purpose is to provide and deliver a service that makes learning easy and fun. Most importantly a service that changes a mundane existence into a life full of adventure, possibilities, opportunities and above all, great joy.

[email protected]

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Caroline Ruse

Caroline came to study NLP and Coaching in Leadership at a senior level during a management career that had been focused on developing and coaching others to believe in themselves and build better relationships; and it became a passion from the moment she discovered it.

Embracing the change in direction, she continued on to become an NLP Trainer, and is now concentrating on designing and running NLP programmes.

She has a friendly and grounded style, drawing on her own experiences to help make learning NLP relevant in people’s lives. Taking inspiration from Robert and Liz, she encourages others to have, do and be all they want in life.

[email protected]

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